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Product Name
23.5" (59.8 cm) Gaming Monitor
Always on Target
Everything looks smoother on the world’s first 240 Hz gaming monitor. The fluid motion combined with low input lag and color presets from professional gamers ensure a can’t-miss experience whether you play first-person shooter, fighting or other fast-action genres.
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Ultra Smooth Gaming with Turbo 240

Experience fluid gameplay free from motion blur with the gaming  industry’s first 240 Hz monitor. EIZO’s Turbo 240 converts 120 Hz input signals to 240 Hz for a refresh rate double that of conventional gaming monitors so you can enjoy the smoothest motion display yet for first-person shooter, racing, and other fast-action genres. turbo 240

White Paper: Technology behind the Turbo 240 feature [PDF: 758 KB]

Quick Scoping with Extremely Low Input Lag

Input lag, or the time it takes for commands from a keyboard, mouse, or controller to appear on the screen, can be the difference between hitting your target and missing it. EIZO developed its own integrated circuit to ensure your commands appear onscreen without delay.

Download Pro Gamer's Preset

Play like the pros with gaming presets from pro gamers such as Counter-Strike legend Patrik “cArn” Sättermon and Dota 2 player Johan “n0tail” Sundstein. Download the "G-Ignition" software from our support page to apply these and other presets from gaming.eizo.com or to export your own presets.
download progemer's preset

Clear Visibility with High-Contrast VA Panel

The FORIS FG2421 uses a new VA (vertical alignment) panel with a native contrast ratio of 5000:1. This is 5 times more than what other gaming monitors offer and increases the visibility in dark scenes so you can spot enemies more quickly.

clear visibility


Easy on the Eyes

Turbo 240 significantly reduces motion blur for clear visibility in FPS and other genres. Disabling Turbo 240 activates produces flicker-free images to reduce eye fatigue. By using the bundled ScreenManager Pro for Gaming to assign a preset mode to each program, you can turn Turbo 240 on and off automatically. For example, when playing a game in FPS mode, Turbo 240 will be activated, but when using your browser in Web mode, Turbo 240 will be deactivated.


Flickering image (left) and smooth image display (right)

Getting Connected
getting connected

Best Positioning

best positioning

Designed for Gaming

The rear cabinet design features an LED backlit EIZO logo on a glossy surface surrounded by a vermillion frame. The logo glows brilliantly in a dimly-lit room or in a tournament setting. The front cabinet has a simple design so you can focus on the screen.

Built to Last Five Years

EIZO’s five-year warranty is two years or 67% longer than the standard three-year warranty of most brands. 5 year warranty


Cabinet Color Black
Type VA
Backlight LED
Size 23.5" / 59.8 cm (598 mm diagonal)
Native Resolution 1920 x 1080 (16: 9 aspect ratio)
Viewable Image Size (H x V) 521.3 x 293.2 mm
Pixel Pitch 0.272 x 0.272 mm
Grayscale Tones 256 tones
Display Colors 16.77 million
Viewing Angles (H / V, typical) 176°, 176°
Brightness (typical) 400 cd/m2 (Turbo 240: OFF)
Contrast Ratio (typical) 5000:1 (15000:1 with ContrastEnhancer)
Response Time (typical) Less than 1 ms (Turbo 240: ON, Monitor spec)
Video Signals  
Input Terminals PC: DisplayPort, DVI-D 24 pin (with HDCP)
PC / AV: HDMI x 1
Digital Scanning Frequency (H / V) HDMI: 15 - 100 kHz, 23 - 122 Hz
DVI: 31 - 138 kHz, 59 - 122 Hz
DisplayPort: 31 - 138 kHz, 49 - 122 Hz
Sync Formats PC: Separate
AV: -
Function 1-port for monitor control
2-port USB hub
Standard USB 2.0
Speakers -
Input Terminals PC: 3.5 mm stereo jack x 1, DisplayPort x1
PC / AV: HDMI x 1
Output Terminals PC / AV: 3.5 mm stereo jack, 3.5 mm headphone jack
Sound Adjustment Volume, Sound Level, Source (DisplayPort, HDMI)
Power Requirements 100 - 120 V / 200 - 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz
Maximum Power Consumption 53 W
Typical Power Consumption 20 W
Power Save Mode Less than 0.5 W
Standby Mode Less than 0.5 W (Power button off)
Power Management Power Save (VESA DPM and DVI DMPM)
Features & Functions  
Preset Modes PC / AV: User1, User2, User3, FPS1, FPS2, RTS, Web
Auto EcoView / BrightRegulator Yes (Deafult: Disabled)
OSD Languages English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Spanish, Swedish
Others Turbo 240, Product Information (name, serial number, resolution, operating time, etc.), OSD Menu Settings, DisplayPort/HDMI Color Space, Rear Logo Light, Adjustment Lock, Power Indicator, Auto Color, Reset
Physical Specifications  
Dimensions (Landscape, W x H x D) 563.5 x 391 - 451 x 200mm
Net Weight 6.2 kg / 13.6 lbs
Height Adjustment Range 60 mm
Tilt 25° Up, 0° Down
Swivel 344°
Hole Spacing (VESA Standard) -
Environmental Requirements  
Operating Temperature 5 - 35 °C
Operating Humidity (R.H., non condensing) 20 - 80 %
Certifications & Standards (Please contact EIZO for the latest information.) CB, TUV/GS, CE, cTUVus, FCC-B, Canadian ICES-003-B, TUV/S, PSE, VCCI-B, TUV/Ergonomics, C-tick, GOST-R, RoHS, WEEE
Supplied Accessories AC power cord, signal cable (DisplayPort - DisplayPort), USB cable, audio cable, EIZO LCD Utility Disk (PDF user's manual), cable holder, setup guide
Warranty Five Years
  1. 2  With current LCD technology, a panel may contain a limited number of missing or flickering pixels.
  2. 5  If the monitor is left on continuously over a long period of time, dark smudges or burn-in may appear. To maximize the life of the monitor, we recommend the monitor be turned off periodically.


824 KB






Document Language Size Download
FG2421 Setup guide English
2.08 MB Download
FG2421 User's manual English 4.38 MB Download
ScreenManager Pro for Gaming User's manual English 1.52 MB Download
G-Ignition Ver.1.0.2 User's manual English 906 KB Download
FG2421 Setup guide Arabic 488 KB Download
FG2421 User's manual Chinese-Simplified 4.31 MB Download
FG2421 Setup guide Chinese-Traditional 586 KB Download
FG2421 Setup guide Czech 1.84 MB Download
FG2421 User's manual Czech 1 MB Download
FG2421 Setup guide Danish 1.84 MB Download
FG2421 Setup guide Dutch 1.84 MB Download
FG2421 Setup guide Finnish 1.84 MB Download
FG2421 User's manual French 4.43 MB Download
FG2421 User's manual German 4.41 MB Download
FG2421 Setup guide Greek 1.86 MB Download
FG2421 Setup guide Italian 1.84 MB Download
FG2421 Setup guide Korean 550 KB Download
FG2421 Setup guide Norwegian 1.84 MB Download
FG2421 Setup guide Polish 1.85 MB Download
FG2421 Setup guide Portuguese 1.84 MB Download
FG2421 Setup guide Russian 1.86 MB Download
FG2421 User's manual Russian 4.43 MB Download
FG2421 Setup guide Spanish 1.84 MB Download
FG2421 Setup guide Swedish 1.84 MB Download
FG2421 Setup guide Turkish 1.84 MB Download

Technical Information

October 30, 2013 “Turbo 240” to decrease motion blur [PDF]



Online PC (Germany)

June 11, 2014

Very Good

"The Eizo EV2736W leaves nothing to be desired..."

Google Translation



Digital Versus

February 24, 2014

Score: 5 stars out of 5

"...the FG2421 is perfectly up to fast-action gaming, notably thanks to its Turbo 240 mode, its ultra-high contrast and wide viewing angles."


Hardware info

Hardware.Info (Netherlands)

Feb 21, 2014

FG2421 Video Review



gaming freaks

Gaming Freaks (Netherlands)

February 19, 2014

7.9 stars - Superb gaming monitor!

"This screen is perfect in every way."

Original Article (Dutch)
Google Translation



Pure PC (Poland)

February 10, 2014

Product of the Year 2013 (1st Place Gold for Monitors)

Original article (Polish)
Google Translation



tbreak Media (UAE)

January 26, 2014

Score: 8.6 Good

"A-class monitor that is perfect for any kind of gaming, with a wealth of customizable settings to ensure you’re getting the very best picture quality."



Clubic.com (France)

January 15, 2014

Rating: Excellent

"The Foris FG2421 is certainly among the best monitors gamer at the moment."

Original Article (French)
Google Translation



PCtipp (Switzerland)

January 2014

Rating: 4.5 / 5

"Conclusion: Eizo's FG2421 is through and through a top model, and with a street price of 649 francs not cheap. But it is worth every cent due to its excellent features, image quality, operation and the 5-year warranty."

Original Article (German)
Google Translation



Gamesnack (Belguim)

December 29, 2013

Rating: 80%

"The question was whether the screen makes a tangible difference to a non-pro-gamer. We can not emphasize this enough, we are not pro-gamers, but the difference is huge."

Original Article (Dutch)
Google Translation



PC World (Poland)

December 2013

Product of the Year 2013


pc3 power award

PC3 Magazine (Hong Kong)

November 25, 2013

2013 Power Award


Player Magazine

Player Magazine (Germany)

January 2014

Rating: Excellent

"With the FORIS FG2421, EIZO succeeded in brilliant performance for a gaming monitor which in conjunction with a normal gaming PC is really worth its price and sets the standard for high-speed gaming."



Gameswelt (Germany)

November 22

Rating: 9.5 / 10

"The EIZO FORIS FG2421 provides none other than THE screen for players."

Original article (German)
Google Translation


Chip online

Chip Online (Germany)

November 14

Rating: 93.6% / 5 stars

"The Eizo Foris FG2421 proves to test as an excellent monitor for gamers, but also benefits all other users with extremely high image quality."

Original article (German)
Google Translation


EtraHardware - we want it award

ExtraHardware (Czech Republic)

November 14, 2013

We Want It!  Award

"Foris FG2421 as a gaming monitor clearly scores. It succeeded in almost everything a player could want…"

Original article (Czech)
Google Translation


Xtreme Hardware

Xtreme Hardware (Italy)

November 12, 2013

Gold award 4.5 stars

"With the 240 Turbo, the FG2421 is the new benchmark for gaming. That's it!"

Original article (Italian)
Google Translation


TFT Central


November 07, 2013

"The overall gaming performance of the Eizo FG2421 was very good and we were pleased with what we saw. ...Being the first VA 120Hz model on the market is also an achievement and clearly it can offer some advantages over TN Film panels. "


 pure pc

Pure PC (Poland)

November 05, 2013

Recommended 4.5/5 stars

"The VA panel in EIZO FORIS FG2421 gives one important advantage over the monitors equipped with a TN - five times better contrast. A big surprise in the new model is also the level of ghosting, which is low, even in comparison with IPS."

Original article (Polish)
Google Translation



01net (France)

October 31, 2013

5/5 stars

"This new EIZO monitor is a revolution. The fastest VA panel we ever tested."

Original article (French)
Google Translation



SweClockers (Sweden)

October 31, 2013

Excellent award

"EIZO FORIS FG2421 is an outstanding gaming screen that does not compromise on the colors."

Original article (Swedish)
Google Translation


 gamestar magazine

GameStar Magazine (Germany)

October 30, 2013

Platinum Award - 95/100

"EIZOs FG2421 impresses with a response time of less than one millisecond and the innovative 240-Hz mode as the fastest games TFT ever. Thanks to VA-Panel very good overall image quality."


 flatpanels hd

Flatpanels HD

October 30, 2013

Highly Recommended award 2013

"EIZO FORIS FG2421 is a small revolution in gaming monitors, combining great picture quality with speed."



GamersPad (Australia)

October 30, 2013

10 Overall Score

"The FORIS FG2421 monitor is the new leader in the gaming market. It supports a high 240Hz refresh rate on an excellent quality VA panel making the perfect combo for gaming performance and quality. The best monitor gamers can buy. "




PC Games Hardware (Germany)

October 30, 2013

Top Technology

"The FG2421 is unprecedented in the gaming world in very high contrast and fluid image with a long warranty."

Original article (German)
Google Translation