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RadiNET Pro Web Hosting
Network QC Management Server Provider
Network quality control server management for hospitals around the world.
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Worry-Free Web Hosting

Instead of installing and setting up your own network QC management server in your hospital, EIZO will host the server for you. EIZO provides expert maintenance services to give you reassurance you need for monitor QC.

Compatible with all RadiForce Monitors

All EIZO RadiForce monitors support connection to the EIZO RadiNET Pro server.

Server Cost Reduction

RadiNET Pro Web Hosting will free you from initial investment and running cost of the server.

Secured Access

By utilizing gateway software, a secure Internet connection is offered at the entrance of the in-hospital network and external network.

Mobile Control Made Easy

Monitor administrators can access the QC server anytime, from any location where their web-enabled mobile device has Internet connectivity. This helps administration personnel to work remotely saving both the time and expense of on-site visits and improves the speed of the QC work flow. The interface is designed to easily navigate and perform operations with the touch of a finger via a web browser.

Mobile Access To RadiNETPro



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